Camiel is back, with Finisterra.

1 Sep 2013

Eight years ago, Camiel met Magda Mendes. A Portugese musican with a great love for Brazilian Music. She and Camiel decided to start a musical journey which is now completed: Finisterra. Finisterra litteraly means ‘the end of the world’, where the land ends and the sea starts. Magda wrote autobiographical lyrics about a universal feeling: leaving your horizon and trying to find what is behind that. 

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Camiel started a musical journey. He studied Brazilian music and got inspired by legends like Ernesto Nazareth. On this album he even arranged two classics: ‘Brejeiro’ and ‘Fon-fon’. He learned to play Cavaquinho, Mandoline and Berimbau. Camiel: ‘after eight years of hard work, the album is finally ready. Listen to a collection of songs not only about the desire to see what is behind the horizon but also about how displaced you can feel once you passed this line that until then had felt like the end of the world, como Finisterra…”

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Other artists on this album:
Astrid Haring
Udo Demandt
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra 

Gregor Salto and KiT – Otro Dia Remixes

22 Jul 2013

 Last April, Gregor Salto and KiT succesfully released Otro Dia. It quickly gained huge support and turned out to be a favourite to be remixed and mashed up. The catchy lines and warm drums inspired Portuguese Latin House legend Mastiksoul to produce a fresh remix. G-Rex invited the talented Dutch producer Santos Suarez for an extra remix.  Mastiksoul about his remix: “Gregor Salto always brings the vibe like no one and “Otro Dia” was no exception so I felt I could really put my vision on it and contribute to the original vibe”
Gregor Salto is always on a hunt for talented artists and asked Santos Suarez for a remix. “For this remix I kept the spirit of the original and added grooves and a melody to make it my own”.

Otro Dia started on one of Gregor Salto’s favourite islands, Curacao. After hearing the percussion skills of Roel Calister, (the frontman of Kuenta i Tambú (KiT)), they decided to team up. This song is about the moment of sunrise, when you hear all the little birds announcing the beginning of a new day. The lines are a combination of Papiamento, Portuguese and Spanish.

Otro Dia is now available on Beatport.

Gregor Salto and Chuckie – Toys Are Nuts 2013

1 Jan 2013

Gregor and Chuckie teamed up together for the new “Toys are Nuts 2013”. You might know this track from 2006, when this was the first collaboration of Gregor and Chuckie. “Toys are Nuts” became a big club hit in Holland in 2006 and it was one of the important precursors for the ‘Dutch’ sound. Now it’s time for a renewed version for 2013 Get it here!  

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