Gregor Salto and Mokoomba – Messe Messe

12 Apr 2010

Although they literally are thousands of miles apart in regards to their cultural and musical background, DJ Gregor Salto & Mokoomba found each other in their passion for music and drive to excite and surprise people on the dance floor. The synergy in the studio was fruitful enough to result in some massive tracks. This package contains 2 new mixes of “Messe Messe”. The orginal Messe Messe came out on October 17th, World Poverty Day.  Mokoomba, winner of the Music Crossroads InterRegional Festival in Zimbabwe, collaborated with experienced house producer Gregor Salto to bring audiences an electrifying blend of Afro-fusion, house and tantalizing traditional Tonga rhythms. Gregor Salto introduced Mokoomba to the house music scene in Rotterdam with a ground breaking live performance at DJ Leroy Styles\’ Crazy Sexy Cool Party in The Maassilo. 

Mokoomba\’s collaboration is part of the Stand Up and Take Action campaign, which called millions of people to stand up against poverty. From India to Kenya and from Canada to Nepal people stood up against poverty in churches, schools, concerts and town halls.

Mokoomba was voted by 3FM listeners to represent Africa at the Global Call for Action Against Poverty (GCAP) in the Netherlands. Along with two other bands Mokoomba was selected by a 40-member panel including superstar Baba Maal, among many other notable musicians and music professionals from across Africa. The three selected bands were played on 3FM and listeners were directed to a special website where they could vote for their favorite African band. Mokoomba received most votes from the Dutch audience and got the chance to record and perform with Gregor Salto. 

The campaign agains poverty was initiated and managed by EEN / GCAP and facilitated by Africa Unsigned. Africa Unsigned enables unsigned African artists to record their music, funded by fans. 


25 Jan 2010

A great track deserves great remixes and we can say for sure that Chris Kaeser, Hardwell, Disfunktion, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Fetish Verdi, Funkin’ Matt and Franky Rizardo all did a really great job!!!

01 Gregor Salto feat Chappell – Your friend (original)
02 Gregor Salto feat Chappell – Your friend (Chris Kaeser remix)
03 Gregor Salto feat Chappell – Your friend (Hardwell remix)
04 Gregor Salto feat Chappell – Your friend (Disfunktion remix) 
05 Gregor Salto feat Chappell – Your friend (Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano remix) 
06 Gregor Salto feat Chappell – Your friend (Fetish Verdi remix)
07 Gregor Salto feat Chappell – Your friend (Funkin Matt remix)
08 Gregor Salto feat Chappell – Your friend (Franky Rizardo remix)


25 Jun 2009

Grex032 D-Rashid feat Lilian Vieira – Dinda
A beatport exclusive including a Gregor Salto remix. Get it here!  

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